Hi, I am a Research Scientist  at the Agriculture Victoria Research, Victoria, Australia, investigating the impact of pests and diseases on food crops. In summary, my research and interest covers: insect, plant and pathogens interactions, epidemiology, insect and plant physiology and host plant resistance to insects

My main focus is to better understand plant-insect-pathogen interactions that contributes to the development of novel control strategies against pests and diseases of many economically important crops. I am also interested in abiotic factors including climate change, which can influence the persistence of pests and diseases in food crops and the landscape.

My areas of research are:

  • Insect’s host-plant selection (volatiles and intracellular level)
  • Hemipteran-plant interactions
  • Plant traits identification, essential/inhibiting insect pests establishment and persistence. Vital aspect in plant breeding for resistance to insects and diseases.
  • In plants, resistance locations and mechanisms (on extra and intracellular levels)
  • Plant-pathogen-vector-environment interactions and climate change (elevated temperatures and carbon dioxide )
  • Pathogen transmission/acquisition, mechanisms and efficiency
  • Disease epidemiology
  • Ecology





Piotr Trebicki


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